de Architekten Cie. winnaar architectenselectie Alexandrium

de Architekten Cie. is bijzonder trots te mogen vermelden dat zij de architectenselectie voor het winkelcentrum Alexandrium te Rotterdam heeft gewonnen, uitgeschreven door opdrachtgever Klépierre Vastgoed Ontwikkeling B.V. Het Alexandrium zal de komende jaren worden gemoderniseerd. De opdracht betreft de her


Circl nominated Best Building of the Year!

Circl, the circular pavilion on the Zuidas, Amsterdam, is nominated for Best Building of the Year 2018! 

The for our client ABN AMRO designed pavilion is nominated in the category "Stimulating surroundings". Everybody can vote to elect a project for the "Public Prize"



Team ´Who Dares´ wins competition Carnisse

26 oktober 2017

Het team Who Dares heeft een landelijke prijsvraag gewonnen voor een revitalisering van de Rotterdamse wijk Carnisse. In Who Dares werken zeven maatschappelijk betrokken organisaties samen, waaronder de Architekten Cie., Ballast Nedam Development en Syntrus Achmea Real Est


Opening of Circl this September

The fully circular ABN AMRO pavilion will be opening its doors to the public next month. A week full of festivities will take place at Circl from the 5th till the 9th of September. This newly developed banking building was designed by Cie architects Pi de Bruijn and Hans Hammink who will be on-site during t


Highlights of our company excursion

de Architekten Cie’s semi-annual outing took us to the South of The Netherlands. The province of Brabant is home to some architectural highlights that we have had a part in developing. We started off at the CHV site in Veghel.

Owner of this site Stefan van de Ven, togethe


3D Construction Passport for Circl

The circularity (reuseability of its materials) of ABN AMRO's CIRCL building will be permanently recorded in a Construction Passport. Using a new digital tool this new pavilion at the Zuidas in Amsterdam will be mapped out in 3D. Core components will be described and materials listed for future referenc


A dollhouse reflecting earth

Dutch architect Peter Masselink initiated a memorable dollhouse design project. Our architect Tamara Goguadze contributed with a model marquette that is reflecting a journey across the globe. Behind the dollhouses in this project lies a special story.

Two of the children of the initiator


Two nominations NRP Gulden Feniks

We proudly inform you that de Architekten Cie. is nominated twice for the NRP Gulden Feniks. In both the category Site transformation and Renovation we compete for the prizes. NRP Gulden Feniks is the prize for promotions and inspiration to re-use an existing built environment. In total 11 projects are nomi


De Architekten Cie reaches finals

For the development of the Carnisse district in Rotterdam, de Architekten Cie, together with a team of partners, created a vision. They have designed a residential area where changing needs through the course of a lifetime are met. With this plan the team, together with four other contenders, has reached th


Highest point for The Boutique Office

With the transformation of the office building The Boutique Office, the Amsterdam ‘Zuidas’ will have another architectural treasure. The vertical lines in the facade give the building a chic look, which is so characteristic for the financial centre of Amsterdam. Not only will the outside of the


Kalvertoren continues as Kalverpassage

The Kalvertoren, the iconic shopping mall most of us, whether you are from Amsterdam or Groningen, have grown up with. The tower was built in the first half of the nineties. The shopping venue where the typical Dutch V&D and 'HEMA were located next to an O’Neill boutique, Swatch depa


Sketching for an alternative view

Clients nowadays demand from architects to deliver crystal clear drawings of building projects; computer productions that show every single detail. Once this was different. Sketches made by hand were crucial in the architect’s design process for a very long time.

“Polished com


de Architekten Cie. + FELIXX have won the competition for the spatial development strategy of Chelyabinsk, Russia!

de Architekten Cie. + FELIXX have won the competition for the spatial development strategy of Chelyabinsk, Russia!

An international urban design competition was held by the City Administration of Chelyabinsk, for the development strategy and masterplan of the historical center. 5


FIRST beste nieuwe hoogbouw 2016

By all the users of the most famous website about high-rise in the Netherlands,, FIRST Rotterdam is decalred "best new high-rise of 2016". This is a nice second succes for FIRST Rotterdam after it has been nominated for the Rotterdam architecture Prize 2016. The studenhotel in Eind


Highest point ABN AMRO Pavillion

On tuesdag the 13th of december the highest point of the ABN AMRO pavillion on the Gustav Mahler square in Amsterdam will be reached.There will be a ceremony to celibrate this event. The building of this completely circular building is going very well, the completion is planned in July 2017.

If you want t


Studenthotel Eindhoven is opgeleverd.

Het Studenthotel in Eindhoven is 1 december j.l. opgeleverd. Eindhoven is daarmee een prachtige bakstenen toren rijker. Deze toren met een BVO van 15.655 m2 is 76 meter hoog en behelst 400 kamers.
Het gebouw heeft door de Eindhovenaars al meteen een koosnaampje gekregen: De Pennywafel.

Het studenth


Noorderparkbad wins worlwide prize

Het Noorderparkbad is 17 nov 2016 tijdens de Pool Vision beurs in Lyon uitgeroepen tot het mooiste publieke zwembad van de laatste twee jaar. Branimir Medic was als architect van het zwembad in Lyon om de prijs in ontvangst te nemen. 

Dit meest duurzame zwembad van Nederland won eerder dit jaar zowel


Noorderparkbad wins the golden A.A.P.

The Noorderparkbad has won twice the Golden A.A.P. It was voted for both the public- and the jury prize unanimously; "Noorderparkbad is a gem for the city" and "Exactly what Amsterdam North needs".

Read the official press release below.



Rublevskoye Shosse building site

In September 2014 de Architekten Cie. has won a competition for an apartment complex of 144000 square meters with 1000 apartment at Rublevskoye highway in Moscow.

In mid-August 2015 construction has started. After some delay because of existing underground construction people are working hard to make up f


de Cie. on Adria Hotel forum 2016. "Shaping the future"

Pero Puljiz was a speaker on the Panel: Managing hotel and resort (re) development & re-engineering - Development planning and Project management, Construction costs, Spatial efficiency

ADRIA HOTEL FORUM was held for the fourth time on February 10th and 11th 2016. in Hotel Sheraton, in Zagreb. AHF is