de Cie. on Adria Hotel forum 2016. "Shaping the future"

Pero Puljiz was a speaker on the Panel: Managing hotel and resort (re) development & re-engineering - Development planning and Project management, Construction costs, Spatial efficiency

ADRIA HOTEL FORUM was held for the fourth time on February 10th and 11th 2016. in Hotel Sheraton, in Zagreb. AHF is a meeting place for leading hotel chains, hotel owners and managers, as well as professionals from the field of hotel industry investment to exchange sustainable ideas and projects that foster and benefit the development of the community.

The global hotel industry in 2014 has been highlighted in several segments: Accelerating cross-border capital flows, intensified competition among domestic and international investor groups, investors evaluating higher-yield opportunities in select secondary markets outside of gateway cities, reflecting renewed interest in the sector and evolving guest preferences propelled an influx of new hotel brands (mostly within the existing international groups).

Overseas capital increases each year and it accounted for 41,2% of 2014’s global hotel investments while 43,2% of international investors are coming from Asian countries. In addition, investors from North America, looking increasingly at Europe as prices rise at home, accounted for 26% of the total investment on the continent.

And it is important to note that tourism industry has a share of 9,5% in global GDP. The industry future and the question on development of existing as well as new hotels and destinations is a question of debate at AHF 2016. What is the situation in the region when comparing with the rest of the Europe, how the city hotels develop, which trends change according to travelers demand around the globe, how sharing economy can be a benefit for hotels and what is the model to develop and promote new regional hotels – we will discuss with the leader of hotel and tourism industry.