Kalvertoren continues as Kalverpassage

The Kalvertoren, the iconic shopping mall most of us, whether you are from Amsterdam or Groningen, have grown up with. The tower was built in the first half of the nineties. The shopping venue where the typical Dutch V&D and 'HEMA were located next to an O’Neill boutique, Swatch department store and Guess shop, and many other shops. Over the last couple of years the vacancy increased. The idea of a three story shopping gallery turned out to be not quite profitable. In the new Kalverpassage the shopping floors are grand and spacious. In the finishing there is a splash of grandeur.

The new facade is made of tombac, the shining ‘penny metal’ which gives a remarkable vintage and at the same time chic look to the building. Natural stone floors and pillars boost this majestic experience. The ceiling is covered with led lighting and windows are made of anti-glare non-reflecting glass.

Recently fashion brand Costes opened a shop on the ground floor in the passage. At the end of this year the redesigned shopping mall will be fully open to the public. Because of a separate entrance with stairs restaurant Blue, located in the top of the tower, will be open until late in the evening, providing a spectacular view over the city.

The original design of the Kalvertoren is made by Cie architect Pi de Bruijn. De Architekten Cie is also handling the transformation. De Kroonenberg Groep, known from the ‘Gelderlandplein’ in Amsterdam and ‘De Barones’ in Breda, has bought the building. The American retail chain Saks Off 5th will take a prominent place in the passage after its opening.

Nice detail! The Rasphuispoort that provides entrance to the Kalverpassage on the side of the Heiligeweg is saved out fully. This will become a true eye catcher. Between all those modern shopping windows, history holds its presence with this little monument of Hendrik de Keyser, built in the 17th century.