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Highest point for The Boutique Office

With the transformation of the office building The Boutique Office, the Amsterdam ‘Zuidas’ will have another architectural treasure. The vertical lines in the facade give the building a chic look, which is so characteristic for the financial centre of Amsterdam. Not only will the outside of the 1990 building be completely modernized, The Boutique Office will be extended on the roof by a Cradle2Cradle glass box. At the end of April 2017, the highest point will be reached.

On top of the existing building, a spectacular glass box will arise. The two-story extension is a hundred percent Cradle2Cradle. The sustainable wood construction has less weight, which causes less demand from the construction underneath. The construction of wood will stay visible. This will give the transparent spaces, that are perfectly suitable for open working spaces, a robust look.

With the extensions – a second one is done above the existing parking place – the surrounding buildings are taken into account, while at the same time the limits set in the development plan are matched. The height of the extension above the parking places will reach 13 meters and will seamlessly integrate with the surrounding pavilions. The glass extension on the main building will reach a height of 20 meters.

The light character that the glass extension gives to the building can be found in different spots. The small windows are replaced by nearly floor to ceiling windows. Natural light enters into the hart of the building through various voids that connect floors to each other. From one of the voids, you can look down from every single floor to the central hall. This enhances the social character of the office building. Also the attractive terrace along the water encourages meeting each other.

Olympic Plaza is supplied by high tech gadgets, and with these new technologies takes the lead in the office market. Integral ceiling panels manage the cooling, heating, acoustics and light and are equipped with bGrid-sensors. These sensors can be controlled using a special app on a mobile phone. You can even make reservations for rooms with it. 

For the new tenants, this multi tenant building allows for a completely free allocation of space. With a spacious floor, flexible to divide, nicely dispersed sanitary, and smart spread technical utilities. The improved Olympic Plaza will be delivered in the beginning of 2018.