Cie. Assist

Cie. Assist is a diverse and experienced group of engineers providing structural engineering for new and existing buildings. It is Cie. Assist’s aim to be able to offer an extensive package of services to a wide range of customers. ‘knowledge to share’.

Cie. Assist supports and delivers knowledge and expertise in integrated processes, complete technological support and project management for different parties, varying from customers, builders, designers to architects.

For building owners, Cie. Assist creates a fast and immediate contact point for the required construction activities, which reduces the number of advisers involved. For the building contractor, Cie Assist is a construction process partner, implementing BIM with the typical Cie. accuracy and quality. Not just like a design agency but as a chain extension on an ad hoc basis or as a strategic choice. For fellow architects, Cie. Assist is a reliable partner that provides every agency with the right capacity and quality at the right time. Cie. Assist is passionate about quality. If required, Cie. Assist can bid for tenders in coalition.

We would like to share our knowledge and liabilities with our stakeholders. As Cie. Assist is an independent organisation, we can provide you with a tailored service for your requirements. Cie. Assist would like to share its knowledge and expertise in an open relationship, with the motto: ‘knowledge to share’.

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