de Architekten Cie.

de Architekten Cie. stands for intelligent designs. Designs realised by a diverse team of professional designers. Designers who work from urban planning to architecture and product design and can deliver from draft design to finished drawing. Teams of architects and assistants deliver the knowledge essential for a project’s success.

de Architekten Cie. is involved in projects varying from housing, neighbourhoods, urban expansion and city renewal projects to skyscrapers, courthouses, theatres, libraries, schools, hotels, swimming pools, museums and private homes. We research and devise specific and unexpected solutions for distinct combinations of programme and context. Each design is considered from its cultural context, place and time. We develop unique design solutions for each project. de Architekten Cie. works closely with Cie. Assist B.V. and Cie. International B.V., which means optimum use can be made of the latest innovative technologies in sustainability, eco engineering and structural engineering.