Cie. is a full-service and internationally-operating Dutch architecture agency.

Cie. aims to create sustainable environments for users and for the society and culture in which its designs are realised.  

Cie. has 25 years’ experience in practice, from draft sketch to detailed design, from consultancy to project management. Its activities range from masterplan to public space, from building to interior design.

Cie. has four business units: de Architekten Cie., Cie. Assist, Cie. International and Cie. Concepts.


Cie. has 50 employees and five partners. Cie. is composed of four business units: de Architekten Cie., Cie. Assist, Cie. International, Cie. Concepts. Each business unit is organised according to its own principle. The strongest and most appropriate team is formed for each assignment. de Architekten Cie. is built around the partners, who are supported by a team of designers during the design. Cie. Assist is formed around project managers, supported by a team of construction engineers. Cie. International teams are composed per project and comprise a mix of designers and engineers from de Architekten Cie. and Cie. Assist, complemented by local architects.

In its organisation Cie. combines strong personalities with experienced teams. Cie. takes care of the entire process from idea to delivery in cooperation with stakeholders including customers, advisers and users. The working method is professional and informal: professional in equipment, knowledge and expertise level, and informal in internal and external contacts with people. Cie. stands for open dialogue between the customer and users and works in teams with all those involved. For each assignment, Cie. makes maximum use of all expertise, starting at the earliest possible stage and working together to realise an optimum project.

Cie. takes its responsibility by incorporating proactive, energetic, social and economic optimisations in its designs. The optimum is not found in the physical building or the environment alone, but in balance with user requirements. This means that many of our designs are assessed positively with LEED and BREEAM scores.

Cie. embraces innovation, new materials and structural engineering. Cie. looks first towards what exists and can be re-used and only then searches consciously for a new addition.

Cie. focuses on people. It strives to maximise flexibility and intensify contact and communications in healthy buildings and environments. Cie. is convinced that this contributes to efficiency and user and visitor zest for life. Cie. designs with natural light and air, with materials that have limited environmental impact, flexible floor plan layout possibilities and individual system regulation.

For Cie. a building is not finished on delivery. Cie. looks towards the user phase by taking total cost of ownership into consideration, via Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Designs are approached from a long-term perspective in which particularly such aspects as expandability, disposability and changeability are taken into consideration.


Cie. employs an inclusive design approach. From the vision of the long-term perspective, the design process is viewed in an integrated way, from idea to realisation and use. In this process, a design is considered from all disciplines.

Cie. has invested in continuous, far-reaching integration of construction and design disciplines in the total construction process. The goal here is to increase efficiency, reduce failure costs and provide customers with more accurate information. Cie. has experienced Revit teams and BIM coordinators. BIM coordinators support teams with strategic choices that can be made in designing the digital data structure. To make working in a team transparent and clear, Cie. has formulated a BIM protocol in which agreements are recorded. BIM as a working methodology is daring to share.